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DCC1000e | Degassed Cation Conductivity

Faster Startups and Reduced Risk

A degassed cation conductivity panel is a system that removes CO2 from a water sample stream to quickly confirm optimal operating conditions for expensive plant equipment. The DCC1000e is a degassed cation conductivity panel that provides the user with three measurements of conductivity: direct conductivity, cation conductivity and degassed cation conductivity. It is optimal for feed water monitoring, steam monitoring and power condensate monitoring.

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What is a degassed cation conductivity panel?

A degassed cation conductivity panel removes CO2 from the measurement stream in order to provide a clearer indication of water quality for plant startup.  The METTLER TOLEDO DCC1000e is a degassed cation conductivity system that utilizes ASTM D4519-compliant conductivity measurements for power cycle chemistry monitoring.         

With accurate and reliable conductivity measurements using UniCond Sensors with ISM, the DCC1000e System by METTLER TOLEDO confirms water purity to maximize power production and minimize corrosion.     

How are my measurements displayed on the panel?

The METTLER TOLEDO DCC1000e incorporates a multi-parameter M800 Transmitter with single-screen display of measurements including conductivity values, calculated pH, calculated CO2, temperature and trend graphs.

The flexible single-screen display with touchscreen capabilities offers clear parameter display, as well as monitoring and control under one transmitter. 

How does a degassed cation conductivity panel measure conductivity?

The METTLER TOLEDO degassed cation conductivity panel is designed with UniCond and ISM technology to provide accurate measurement and detection.

UniCond Sensors used in the DCC1000e are the best available for measurement of conductivity in pure waters, giving the greatest 

accuracy at the lowest levels of detection. With ISM technology, which is based around having the measurement circuit close, but inseparable from the sensor elements, the UniCond Sensor can deliver enhanced accuracy and a greater range of measurement.

The DCC1000e degassed cation conductivity panel measures the conductivity after the cation resin column as well as after degassing to provide the clearest possible indication of water quality. The degassing is accomplished by raising the sample water temperature to near boiling, which releases the CO2 from the water (the CO2 is expelled through the unit’s vent tube). The sample water is then cooled and its degassed cation conductivity is measured. The reading obtained on the DCC1000e indicates actual water purity absent interference from CO2.