Analytics for Chlor-Alkali Production

Sensors and Analyzers for Chlor-Alkali Processes

Analytics for chlor-alkali production are vital on the one hand to get optimal product yield and on the other to prevent corrosion in the plant. METTLER TOLEDO offers chlor-alkali analytics including pH sensors and moisture analyzers. These analytics for chlor-alkali production have been specially designed to withstand the extreme process environment.

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Why should I measure pH in my chlor-alkali process?

For the purpose of yield on one side, and equipment integrity on the other, accurate pH measurement is of the utmost importance throughout the chlor-alkali membrane process.

Why should I measure moisture in my chlor-alkali process?

Measuring moisture is important to prevent corrosion at chlorine compressors. The GPro 500 water vapor analyzer is ideal for this purpose, as it provides reliable, rapid measurements.

Which transmitters are best suited for chlor-alkali applications?

METTLER TOLEDO offers specific pH transmitters and TDL transmitters. These are suitable for the pH sensors and TDL analyzers used in chlor-alkali applications.