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InPro 6970i trace optical oxygen sensor

Optical oxygen sensor for breweries.

The new InPro6970i designed for brewery application sets a new standard for operational availability and measurement quality of your oxygen loop especially in the filler line. The optical oxygen sensors are easy and fast to maintain, leading to enhanced process safety and low cost of ownership. Reduced signal drift and faster response time compared to amperometric sensors guarantees maximum accuracy of the oxygen measurement and allow for enhanced process control.

Specifications - InPro 6970i trace optical oxygen sensor
Segment /Application Brewery applications with
fastest response time requirement
Accuracy 1% + 2 ppb
Material in contact with medium stainless steel (AISI316L) with 3.1B certificates
Mechanical pressure resistance max. 12 bar (174 psi) absolute
Detection limit 2 ppb to 2000 ppb
Connector 5 Pin
Sterilizable yes
ISM yes
Insertion length for 12 mm: 120, 220, 320 mm
Features and Benefits

Easy operation

  • The InPro6970i® with its plug and measure functionality combined with fastest Opto-Cap replacement sets a new standard in ease of use.

High process safety

  • FDA compliant materials of construction and easy-to-clean high-polished surface (N5 grade) to satisfy increasing regulatory requirements.

Maintenance redefined with ISM

Enhanced process control

  • Highest measurement performance in filler lines.


The light source and the detector are both integrated in the sensor head. The unique ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) technology is implemented in all optical sensors from METTLER TOLEDO. All system data including calibration and diagnostic information are stored in the sensor.

The METTLER TOLEDO sensors InPro6970i are based on the so call fluorescence quenching. The signal of the fluorescence is compared with a reference signal and the oxygen concentration is calculated from the time shift between these two signals. The oxygen concentration is displayed on the transmitter.

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InPro 6970i trace optical oxygen sensor
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