Pure water optical dissolved oxygen sensor - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
Pure water optical dissolved oxygen sensor

Pure water optical dissolved oxygen sensor

Fast Response, Reduced Maintenance

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton's Pure Water Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with ISM has been designed specifically for demanding power plant and microelectronics applications.

Low maintenance optical measurement technology provides exceptional measurement accuracy, stability, and speed of response.

Paired with the M800 multi-parameter transmitter, this system offers unequalled performance and reliability.


  • Power plant cycle chemistry monitoring
  • Generator stator cooling
  • Microelectronics ultrapure water
  • Pure water treatment systems
Specifications - Pure water optical dissolved oxygen sensor
Operating range 0 - 5000ppb
Accuracy ± 2 % of reading or 2 ppb
Response time 98% of final value in < 20 s
Measuring temperature range 10 – 50 °C (50 – 122 °F)
Environmental temperature range 0 – 121 °C (32 – 250 °F)
Operating pressure 0.2 – 12 bar (2.9 – 174 psi absolute)
Mechanical pressure resistance Maximum 12 bar (174 psi absolute)
Segment /Application The most demanding low ppb power and microelectronics pure water applications
Measurement range .8ppb
Measurement Parameters Oxygen
Measurement Technology Optical fluorescence quenching
Sensor Length Various
Anti-Bubble Design No
Features and Benefits
  • High accuracy, fast response, and increased stability in low ppb-level applications.
  • Low detection limit, minimal drift, and short response time improve oxygen monitoring.
  • 33% faster response time over competitive models.
  • Proprietary OptoCap sensing element provides highly accurate measurement and easy maintenance without electrolyte handling.
  • OptoCap eliminates the need for polarization, increasing measuring system availability and reducing downtime.
  • ISM technology enables proactive maintenance with predictive diagnostic tools.


Application Notes

Dissolved Oxygen Key to Limiting Power Plant Corrosion
To minimize corrosion in boilers, turbines and piping, dissolved oxygen (DO) control is widely used in power plant cycle chemistry treatment. Efficien...


Data Sheet: Thornton ISM Sensors for M800 and M300 ISM
Digital liquid analysis sensors optimized for pure water treatment.
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Pure water optical dissolved oxygen sensor
USP Class VI


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Pure water optical dissolved oxygen sensor
USP Class VI
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