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Precision Balances PL202E

Backlit LCD display.Strong and lightweight for weighing anywhere. 220 g capacity; 10 mg readability; brilliant display; 1 x RS232; external adjustment; battery operation; 9 applications

Solid Performance

You can rely on this compact balance to deliver accurate results, thanks to the reliable performance of the precisely engineered load cell.

Easy-Read Display

The brilliant backlit display features large, illuminated digits, ensuring weighing results are easy to read in all lighting conditions.

Simple Data Handling and Documentation

Thanks to the RS232 port, it's simple to send weighing results to a printer. Documentation is much simpler and transcription errors are eliminated.

Material No.: 30113827

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Specifications - Precision Balances PL202E
Maximum Capacity
220 g
0.01 g
Repeatability, typical
0.007 g
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical
1.4 g
Settling Time
2 s
Battery Option
RS232 (integrated/optional)
Bluetooth (optional)
LCD Backlit Display
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
14 g
Legal for Trade
Repeatability, limit
0.01 g
Weighing Pan Diameter
160 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD)
67 mm x 194 mm x 225 mm
Documentation Options
Basic Electronic Documentation
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.01 g
Balance Line
Balance Type
Precision Balance
Material Number(s)

Battery Operation

When you need to weigh on-the-go or a reliable power supply is not available, these balances can be battery operated, giving you total flexibility.

Built to Last

These resilient balances have overload protection as well as a scratch-resistant stainless steel weighing pan and smooth, easy clean surfaces.

Small Footprint

PL-E balances have an ultra-sleek design that makes them perfect for small spaces. Not only do they make the most of your valuable workspace, they offer powerful weighing functionalities to support you in your daily tasks.

Easy Storage and Safe Transportation

The sturdy, solid cover enables these versatile balances to be stacked 5-high for easy storage and protects the balances whenever they need to be transported to another location.

9 Weighing Applications and more

These multi-purpose, flexible balances offer 9 built-in weighing applications, a hook on the base for weighing below the balance, and 16 weighing units. Furthermore, there are options for a secondary display and Bluetooth.

Weighing Expertise at Your Fingertips

METTLER TOLEDO offers you a wealth of free information on balance selection, installation, cleaning, routine testing, calibration, and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your balance. Based on our globally accepted Good Weighing Practice™.

Flexible Service Offering

Customize your service package to meet your individual needs. Our service team will always be there to support you with regular servicing, calibration, repair, spare parts, and helpful advice to ensure optimum performance.


Material No.: 72213564

Material No.: 64088427

CarePac OIML F2 10g/200g Cal

Material No.: 30550614

Material No.: 12102982

CPS,200G,10G, ASTM,1,1,C

Material No.: 11123101

Material No.: 12102980

Material No.: 30079407


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