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cSmartCal24 (certified version)

Moisture Analyzer Test Substance.Certified test substance to verify the performance of your moisture analyzer in a simple 10-minute test. Pack of 24 cSmartCal sachets.

Quick and Easy Performance Test

SmartCal verifies the performance of your moisture analyzer in a 10-minute test which is carried out in the same easy way as a regular measurement.

Documented Instrument Performance

Regular testing with SmartCal provides documented evidence of your instrument's performance over time. Incorrect performance is immediately indicated.

Certified for Regulated Industries

cSmartCal is certified by an independent institute and includes a certificate of analysis that satisfies regulatory requirements.

Material No.: 30005791

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Specifications - cSmartCal24 (certified version)
Test Temperatures 70 °C
100 °C
130 °C
160 °C
Certification Certificate of Analysis

Moisture Results You Can Trust

The SmartCal test instantly indicates adverse influences from the heating or weighing units. If the test is passed, you can trust your results.



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cSmartCal24 (certified version)
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