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Advanced Moisture Analyzer HC103

The HC103 Advanced line moisture analyzer features touchscreen operation and user guidance which makes it the perfect moisture analyzer choice for ...

The HC103 Advanced line moisture analyzer features touchscreen operation and user guidance which makes it the perfect moisture analyzer choice for your routine moisture-measurement tasks. The HC103 lets you define several methods and start them directly from shortcuts on the home screen. View your moisture measurement results in real-time with an HC103 drying curve. A compact design saves space while robust components help to ensure a long instrument lifetime, whether you work in a busy laboratory or harsh production environment. The HC103’s metal housing as well as its flat stainless-steel surfaces mean it is not only robust but also easy to clean.

With the HC103, there is no need to manually record the results as the moisture analyzer can generate reports in the form of PDF or CSV files in addition to standard strip printouts. These moisture analysis reports can be conveniently transferred via the RS232 or USB ports. In addition, new drying methods are easily uploaded to the HC103 via the USB port. ID management together with a USB barcode reader make documentation on the HC103 moisture balance straightforward and easy.

Often, it is difficult to get a robust moisture analysis method that can deliver repeatable results which match a reference such as the drying oven. The HC103 method wizard helps you develop robust methods for your samples in a short time with minimal effort. The method wizard offers you an integrated moisture-method development function to assist you in finding the right parameters such as drying temperature, switch-off criterion and drying program quickly. In just three steps, you are guided through the entire method-development process, which takes individual sample characteristics into account.

If you are looking for a replacement of the HB43-S moisture analyzer or the HB43 moisture analyzer or want to have an additional instrument for moisture analysis available, choose the HC103. With its robust construction and excellent repeatability, the HC103 offers you the same reliable performance and quality. The HC103 is the all-rounder for routine moisture tasks, and it will serve you for many years similar to METTLER TOLEDO’s HB43-S, HB43 and LP16 moisture analysis models.

User-Friendly and Safe Operations

The large 7-inch color touchscreen offers an easy-to-navigate user interface. The operator is guided graphically through the workflow step-by-step.


Robust and Compact Design

Tough metal housing and robust components ensure a long instrument lifetime. Along with a space-saving design, these features make the HC103 a perfect choice for a busy lab or harsh production environment.


Quick Access to Methods and Results

Shortcuts allow quick and easy access to up to 20 methods. 100 results are stored per method name and can easily be viewed in the results overview.


Products and Specs

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Min. Recommended Moisture Range (%MC)
Readability MC
Drying Programs
Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample
Repeatability (sd) with 10g Sample
Material No.: 30216103
Min. Recommended Moisture Range (%MC)1 ;
Readability MC0.01 % ;
Drying ProgramsStandard ;Rapid ;
Repeatability (sd) with 2g Sample0.1 % ;
Repeatability (sd) with 10g Sample0.015 % ;
Method Storage (max.)20 ;
Results Storage100 ;
Result HandlingStrip printing ;Push to USB flash drive ;Push to PC software ;
Method Development SupportTemperature Assistant ;Method Wizard ;
User managementProtection of Settings ;
Switch-off criteriaTimed ;5 Automatic (SOC 1-5) ;Freely Definable (1-10 mg/ 5-300 s) ;Freely Definable (% Weight Loss/s) ;
Test & AdjustTemperature (100 °C/160 °C) ;SmartCal ;Weight ;
Drying Temperature40 °C ; 230 °C ;
Temperature Increments1 °C ;
Display Mode%AM ;g/kg DC ;%DC ;g ;%AD ;g/kg MC ;%MC ;
Application FlexibilityLow ;Medium ;
InterfacesUSB ;RS232 ;
FeaturesTouchscreen ;ID management ;User guidance ;Method shortcuts ;Multiple languages ;Real-time drying curve ;Integrated method development support ;Weigh-in aid ;
LanguagesItalian ;Russian ;Polish ;Korean ;German ;Japanese ;English ;French ;Portuguese ;Chinese ;Spanish ;Czech ;Hungarian ;
IndustryOthers ;Chemical ;Food ;
Maximum Capacity101 g ;
Voltage115V ;



Reference Manual: HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer
This operating instruction provides full instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of the HC103 moisture analyzer.
HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer User Manual
This short user manual describes how to quickly set-up and start using the HC103 moisture analyzer.
MT-SICS Interface Commands for Moisture Analyzers HX/HS/HC
Reference Manual for the Standard Interface Command Set for your balance to enable integration with other devices and/or systems.

Declaration Of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity
Download declaration of conformity for your Moisture Analyzer model.


Test Procedure for Moisture Analyzer Routine Testing with SmartCal
This SOP describes in detail the testing procedure for testing the moisture analyzer's overall functionality using the SmartCal test substance.
Test Procedure for Moisture Analyzer Sensitivity Testing
This SOP describes in detail the testing procedure for testing the sensitivity of the weighing unit of a moisture analyzer.
HX204 Moisture Analyzer Operating Instuctions
This SOP describes in detail the testing procedure for calibrating and adjusting the heating unit of a moisture analyzer.

Applications & Know-How

Guide to Moisture Analysis
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Accessories and Software

Moisture Analyzer Accessories
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