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Analytical Balance MS104TS/00

Smart Features Simplify Daily Tasks.Intuitive operation and useful features to boost efficiency. 120 g capacity; 0.1 mg readability; user management; USB, RS232 and LAN; easy cleaning; 11 applications; EasyDirect compatible; Bluetooth and wireless options

Accurate and Reliable Results

The renowned MonoBloc weighing cell, FACT automatic internal adjustment, and the weighing environment filter ensure consistently reliable results.

Extra Large Graphical Color Touchscreen

The touchscreen interface, easy-access menus, large digits, and results graphs simplify daily tasks. Operable with cotton, silicon, and rubber gloves.

Robust, Full Aluminum Housing

The full metal housing protects the weighing cell from impacts and environmental influences, and is resistant to harsh chemicals, including acetone.

Material No.: 30133522

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Specifications - Analytical Balance MS104TS/00
Maximum Capacity
120 g
0.1 mg
Repeatability, typical
0.08 mg
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical
16 mg
Settling Time
2 s
Internal (automatic/FACT)
USB-B (to device)
RS232 (integrated/optional)
USB-A (to device)
Bluetooth (optional)
Wireless Lan (WLAN) (optional)
Ethernet (LAN)
User management
Password protection
User Rights
Temperature accuracy (±)
1.5 ppm/°C
7" colour TFT touchscreen
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
160 mg
Legal for Trade
Weighing Pan Diameter
90 mm
0.1 mg
Dimensions (HxWxD)
348 mm x 204 mm x 347 mm
Readability (Certified)
1 mg
Compliance Options
Password protection
Log history (Basic Metadata)
Balance Line
Linearity, typical
0.06 mg
Mettler's Top Pick
Linearity ±
0.2 mg
Documentation Options
Basic Electronic Documentation
Dynamic weighing
Percent weighing
Check weighing
Differential weighing
Factor weighing
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.1 mg
Die-cast aluminum
AC Power supply
Hygienic Design
Material Number(s)

Effective User Management

Manage access rights effectively so that operators see only the functions and applications they need to carry out their tasks, preventing errors and improving productivity. Furthermore, results are traceable to individual users.

Versatile Connectivity for Data Transfer

Connect a printer, barcode reader, or PC via the RS232, USB and LAN interfaces. With EasyDirect PC software, you can collect data from up to 10 balances automatically and save them in an SQL database. Our Bluetooth and WLAN options enable wireless connection.

Configurable Documentation

Configure how you want to save, print and export your results and associated weighing data. PDF reports and printouts are perfect for archiving. For further processing and analysis, save your data in a CSV or XML file on a USB memory stick.

Built-In Weighing Applications

The 11 integrated applications guide you step by step through each process and provide results graphs for fast data interpretation. The simple and efficient processes include differential weighing, density determination, formulation and more.

Easy to Clean

The draft shield has been cleverly designed with fast-release QuickLock glass panels that can all be removed for cleaning in just a few simple steps without the need for any tools and without moving the balance.

Benefit From Our Weighing Know-How

Our free GWP® Recommendation ensures you have the right balance for your weighing process. With years of weighing expertise, we can support you with balance selection, installation, cleaning, routine testing, calibration and maintenance.

Comprehensive Service Offering

Our services include installation and qualification, calibration, maintenance, and routine testing to ensure your balance is fit for purpose and meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. Customize your service package to meet your precise needs.


Product Brochures

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Datasheet : MS-TS Analytical
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User Manual: MS-TS Precision and Analytical Balances
This user manual provides brief instructions on how to handle the instrument in a safe and efficient manner right from the start.
Reference Manual: MS-TS Balances (Software version 4.20)
Full instructions and technical guidance for safe and correct usage of your balance.
Reference Manual: MT-SICS Interface Commands - Standard and Advanced Laboratory Balances
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Reference Manuals: MS-TS Balances (Software version 4.00 and lower)
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Material No.: 11600361

Material No.: 12122381

Material No.: 11101051

Material No.: 64088427

Material No.: 210672

CarePac OIML F2 5g/100g Cal

Material No.: 30550615

CPS,100G, 5G, ASTM,1,1,C

Material No.: 11123102

Material No.: 30535760

Material No.: 12121014

Material No.: 30237290

Material No.: 30094673

Material No.: 30094674

Material No.: 30216667

Material No.: 210674

Material No.: 210260

Material No.: 11132685

Material No.: 30412536


Instrument protection

Material No.: 30216667

Manual Sample Dosing

Material No.: 30061260

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Analytical Balance MS104TS/00