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Calibry Light

The Calibry Software supports all steps of the calibration process, consequently speeding up your calibration process of single- and multi-channel pipettes and data management. Calibry assists you in fulfilling ISO 8655 and 21 CFR Part 11. It is adaptable to your specific processes and tolerances.
Specifications - Calibry Light
Short description Pipette Calibration Software for Single-Channel Pipettes
Material Number(s) 11138423


Calibry Light



Pipette calibration related functionalities

Full adherence to ISO 8655 (tolerances, method, report)

Built-in database of ISO and manufacturers‘ pipette calibration specs for over 2400 pipettes

Contact database for easier pipette management

Calibration scheduler with Tasks List

Correction for environmental parameters

Automatic evaluation of calibration results with pass or fail tag

Complete calibration history for all pipettes

Support of physical inspection and corrective actions

Advanced options of customization, e.g. calculation of the Z factor thanks to an equation editor

Report generator: preview, design and modify functions included

Export of reports in txt, xml formats and MS Office®



Support of analytical or precision balances (XP26PC, XP, XS, AX, SAG, AG, WXT, AT) including balance adjustment

Connection of balances at 1 PC workstation

Calibration of single channel pipettes

Calibration of multi-channel pipettes with conventional balance

Calibration of multi-channel pipettes with MCP system


Support of more than 2000 calibrations / year (recommendation)


Support of Access® database

Support of SQL Server® database


Networkable system (installation on several PCs of the network accessing the same database)


Adherence to 21 CFR Part 11, incl. Password protection (Windows based), user management, audit trail, automatic workstation lock.

Validation handbook (available as option ME-11780959)



System requirements

• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP or Vista with latest service pack
• Industry standard PC, 800 MHz (1.5 GHz recommended)
• 512 MB RAM recommended, on Windows Vista 1 GB recommended
• 200 MB free hard disk space (depends on the database size)
• CD-ROM drive
• Graphics card with 256 colours and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
• Free RS232C serial interface (COM Port) or USB
• For the Calibry Network version used with SQL Server 2000 or 2005 with latest service pack
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Calibry Light
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