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Are XPR Precision Balances Suited for Any Work Environment?

When you’re under pressure to deliver the outcome of your analyses, XPR precision balances provide you with fast and accurate weighing results, even under the toughest conditions. The extraordinary stability provided by SmartPan means you get your results up to twice as fast compared to a standard weighing pan. Even when weighing in a fume cupboard or a challenging production environment, repeatability is improved up to two-fold. Under standard conditions, even 1 mg readability balances with SmartPan can be used without a draft shield. In a fume cupboard, the draft shield doors can be left open during weighing-in. Process steps are reduced; weighing is faster and more ergonomic. With readability from 0.1 mg to 1 g and capacity from 200 g to 64 kg, there’s an XPR balance to suit every application. For example, the high performance 26 kg, 1 mg readability balance enables you to weigh larger samples with extremely high resolution and exceptional repeatability.

Flexible and Efficient Weighing Processes

XPR balances help you achieve your targets by supporting you through your individual workflows, which you can save directly in the method library on the balance. Multiple connectivity options make it easy to connect peripheral devices, such as a printer or barcode reader. The large, color touchscreen enables you to ‘swipe’ through menus and tasks just like your smartphone. Set up task shortcuts and use multiple fingers to efficiently type in data. The screen is operable even through thick, chemically resistant gloves. To ensure consistent processes, store regularly used task methods in your own method library. Simply touch the method name to access all the details and then start the method. Also suitable for  methods which include several samples or a test series. XPR precision balances remove the guesswork from sample handling. With the ability to print barcode-ready labels to ensure weigh results are attributed to the correct process step, both sample preparation and formulation become as easy as possible.  

You no longer need to record results by hand. All task parameters are recorded into the built-in results notepad. Choose a simple or expanded list and even add your own comments. Transfer to a PC (USB port available) or print out to complete your documentation.

Easy Compliance

With a complete set of innovative quality assurance functions, XPR balances take the worry out of ensuring compliance. Simply set up the functions according to your individual requirements and you can rest assured that your results will be always be valid. The StatusLight™ built into the front of the balance terminal uses color to let you see at a glance if the balance is ready for weighing to begin. The balance status is recorded against each weighing result to provide additional process security. The GWP Approved function  actively monitors the balance status and ensures you always weigh within the safe weighing range. The on-screen icon is your reassurance of accurate, reproducible results. Ask us to activate GWP Approved in your balance. Set up Tolerance Profiles to ensure weighing tasks meet defined quality requirements and regulations. An on-screen warning is given if results are out-of-spec. By using the same profile each time a specific task is carried out, consistency and traceability are assured.

Extremely Durable and Easy to Clean

XSR balances are designed to withstand accidental overload, harsh chemicals, dust and dirt. The integrated overload protection safeguards the weighing cell against accidental overload. Protecton covers combined with a full metal housing protect against dust, splashing liquids and harsh chemicals. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make the whole balance easy to clean.

What is a precision lab balance or scale?

Precision laboratory balances, also called top loading balances, are a form of scale designed to offer highly accurate results, within the sub-milligram range. Used for the measurement of small samples, precision balances provide an accurate, quick, and simple way of determining the weight of items such as particulate matter. Electronic precision balances offer a wide range of weighing capacities, with maximum capacities up to 64 kg. They allow readability in the range of 1 mg (0.001 g) to 1 g, or 0-3 decimal places. High precision laboratory balances can extend this accuracy to 4 decimal places, on the display of the precision balance, 0.0001g (0.1mg) increments are used.

Precision balances produce steady readings in a wider range of environmental conditions than analytical balances which must always be used under strict conditions to ensure accurate readings. Being less sensitive to temperature fluctuations and air currents, precision balances can serve as the more convenient method of measurement. While a draft shield is not always necessary for the accurate use of a precision balance, when working in a fume hood or under normal conditions with a high-resolution precision balance of 1 mg readability, one should be employed to maintain performance.

The innovative SmartPan™ weighing pan used by METTLER TOLEDO’ XPR and XSR precision balances provides extraordinary stability and significantly reduces the impact of air currents on results. Repeatability is improved by up to 50% and even on 1 mg precision balances, accurate results can be acquired without a draft shield. Used in a fume cupboard, 5 and 10 mg models deliver results in as little as half the time of standard models.
White Paper: Outstanding Weighing Performance – Even Under Harsh Conditions


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