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Bullion Weighing Kit asm

The Ideal Solution for Bullion Weighing.Special weighing pan and draft shield to load or unload silver or gold bullion and other heavy items.The kit is compatible with the XPR15002L and XPR64001L balances.

Fast and Accurate Bullion Weighing

The Bullion Weighing Kit integrates a draft shield and a weighing pan that is especially designed to achieve fast and accurate weighing results.

Ergonomic Handling of Bullion

The height and shape of the weighing pan leaves sufficient clearance for the user's hands, making loading and unloading operations safer and easier.

Bullion Damage Protection

The thick rubber mat placed on the draft shield helps to protect the bullion from damage caused by an unintentional fall.

Material No.: 30300944

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Bullion Weighing Kit asm
Bullion Weighing Kit asm