Software LabX Balance Server - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Software LabX Balance Server

Powerful Weighing Solutions. LABXS-SERV-STARTP-EXBAL

Your Weighing Method on the Balance

LabX allows you to build flexible methods which guide the instrument user step by step. Increase efficiency and reproducibility of your application.

Your Report Automatically Generated

You automatically generate your company's report while working on the instrument. Avoid time consuming manual reporting.

Your Weighing Data Securely Managed

Your data is automatically stored while working on the instrument. Avoid transcription errors.

Material No.: 11153121

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Specifications - Software LabX Balance Server
● (4) Client server system
● (2) Auto export/import
● (5) System guided operation
● (3) User Management
● (1) Method and report editor
● (6) Connect max. 30 instruments


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Software LabX Balance Server


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