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Performance Verification LinSet Niacin

Automated performance verification module compliant with Ph. Eur. and USP. Covers photometric linearity (UV and Vis) and photometric accuracy and repeatability (Vis) tests. Comprehensive report documents are automatically generated.

Regulatory compliance

Automated verification tests compliant with Ph. Eur. and USP, includes photometric linearity (UV and Vis), accuracy (Vis) and repeatability (Vis).

Error-free Evaluation

All nominal certified data required for evaluation are electronically stored on the LinSet module and are automatically compared to the test results.

Ensured Data Integrity

The complete workflow is compliant with data-integrity standards, which is a significant benefit in terms of FDA-compliant data management.

Material No.: 30564230

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Specifications - Performance Verification LinSet Niacin

Automatic Report Generation

A detailed report is generated, including pass/fail evaluation according to test acceptance criteria as required by Pharmacopeia.

Trustworthy Performance Verification

The LinSet module includes certified reference materials (CRMs) from Hellma Analytics. All CRMs are traceable to NIST standards. The liquid CRMs are in sealed cuvettes for long-term use.




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Performance Verification LinSet Niacin