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Spectrophotometer UV7

FastTrack™ UV/VIS Spectroscopy. Superior optical performance compliant with strict Pharmacopeia regulations, advanced automation routines and pre-verified methods are ideal for reliable measurements within regulated industries.

Excellence Performance

FastTrack™ technology ensures exceptional optical performance. Automated performance verification is possible with the optional CertiRef™ module.

Simple One Click™ Operation

The large color touchscreen features an intuitive One Click™ interface. All users have their own homescreen, enabling daily tasks in just One Click.

Measurements within Seconds

Comprises modern fiber optics in combination with CCD array detection and a Xenon flash lamp. A full spectrum scan is performed within just 1 second.

Specifications - Spectrophotometer UV7
Wavelength Range 190 nm - 1,100 nm
Photometric accuracy (K2Cr2O7) +/-0.01
Wavelength accuracy +/- 0.8
Resolution (Toluene in hexane) >1.9
Stray light (KCl, 198nm) >2
Options Printer; Cuvettes; Barcode reader; Fingerprint reader; Cuvette changer; FillPal Mini pump; CertiRef; LabX PC software
Shortcuts per user 24
Max. number of methods 100
User Identification Full
Languages Chinese; English; French; German; Italian; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Japanese
Minimal Scan time 1 s
Display 7 inch QVGA Color TFT touch sensitive screen
Displayed Resolution 800x400
Dimensions (DxHxW) 255 mm x 228 mm x 208 mm
Weight Including Terminal 6.4 kg
Material Number(s) 30254726

Pharmacopoeia compliance

The optical performance fully complies with Pharmacopoeia regulations (USP, Ph. Eur.).

Open sampling area

Sample handling is fast and easy with the open sample compartment. Installation of accessories like holders is straightforward.

Clean Up Your Lab Bench

Compact layout of optical components allows for strikingly small footprint. Instrument can be operated as a standalone without the use of a PC.

Robust design

With no moving parts in the optical set-up, the instrument is robust and easy to maintain.

Ready at the start

The instrument is shipped ready for immediate use. Xenon flash lamp does not require warm-up time. Simply power up the system and measure.


Product Brochures

Product Brochure - UV Vis Spectrophotometer Brochure
FastTrack™ UV/VIS technology integrates robust, state-of-the-art components into a unique spectroscopic system design. Thus, fast reliable measurement...
LabX® UV/VIS Software
LabX is fully adaptable to meet your needs. The many options in LabX allow you to simplify the way you work, ensuring that transcription errors are a...


Smart UV/VIS Accessories
High precision cuvettes and holders fulfill the strictest manufacturing specifications and thus contribute to accurate and reliable results. Workflow...
UV/Vis Excellence Datasheet
The UV5 and UV7 Excellence instruments optimize spectroscopic workflows effectively. FastTrack™ technology makes for speedy and reliable measurements....
Automatic Performance Verification with CertiRef™
With increasing demands for time-consuming performance verification in regulated laboratories, the CertiRef module offers a fully automated Pharmacope...


UV/VIS Applications
Download specific applications regarding UV/VIS Spectrophotometry. These proven and well-tested applications will help you to get accurate results qui...

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Spectrophotometer UV7


UV Vis Performance Verification with CertiRef™

Performance verification CertiRef EUP
Includes 7 certified reference substance solutions and respective blank solvents sealed in mini cuvettes to perform automatic calibrations according to the Ph.Eur. 8.0 regulation (for UV7, UV5, UV5Bio)
Performance verification CertiRef USP
Includes 7 certified reference substance solutions and respective blank solvents sealed in mini cuvettes to perform automatic calibrations according to the USP 39 regulation (for UV7, UV5, UV5Bio)

UV Vis Spectrophotometer Cuvettes & Accessories

Peristaltic pump FillPalMini
Cuvette, optical glass, 10 mm
Cuvette, optical glass, 50 mm
Cuvette, quartz glass, 10 mm
Cuvette, quartz glass, 50 mm
Micro cuvette, quartz glass, 10 mm
Flow cell, quartz glass, 10 mm
Cuvette holder 1 cm precision
Cuvette holder base
Cuvette holder long pathlength
Holder solid samples
Fiber Probe Adapter
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Spectrophotometer UV7
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