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Refractive Index Cell RX4

Accurate, Intuitive, and Modular. The RX4 Refractive Index Cell can be added to an Excellence Density meter to measure density and refractive index simultaneously. The RX4 measures the refractive index in the range from 1.32 to 1.70, with automatic temperature control from 0 to 100°C.

Seamless Modularity

The RX4 can be combined with the Excellence Density Meter to provide a space-saving system for measuring refractive index and density simultaneously.

Upgradable System

The system can combine more than just density and refractive index, it can also be flexibly upgraded to measure pH, color, titration and more.

Automatic Temperature Control

The integrated Peltier temperature control quickly heats up or cools down the measurement cell, reliably maintaining the sample at the desired temperature.

Specifications - Refractive Index Cell RX4
Measurement Range nD 1.3200 – 1.7000
Accuracy nD (±) 0.0001
Repeatability nD (±) 0.00005
Brix measurement range 0-100 % w/w
Accuracy Brix 0.05 % w/w
Temperature control range 5 °C – 100 °C
Temperature control accuracy (±) 0.1 °C
Measurement scales Refractive Index, Sugar (Brix and more), Acid/Base, Chemical, Freezing Point, Salt, Others; Up to 30 user-defined concentration tables (can be entered as tables or formulas).
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 226 x 193 x 208 mm
Weight 4.8 kg
Standard Compliance
Dimensions (DxHxW) 226 mm x 193 mm x 208 mm
Repeatability Brix (% w/w) 0.05 % w/w
Temperature control Yes
Material Number(s) 30474905


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Refractive Index Cell RX4


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