SevenCompact is a robust and Intuitive Benchtop pH Meter with full GLP support

SevenCompact Advanced pH Meter Line

SevenCompact™ - Versatile and Universal pH and Conductivity Meters

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IP54 Water and Dust Resistant

The SevenCompact™ meters are built to last by withstanding spills on the housing and connections. This provides protection while allowing for easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

Transparent Protective Cover

This clear, protective cover comes with the instrument and can be left on during operation without affecting any key press functionality. When not in use, this cover provides an extra layer of protection to maximize the life of your instrument.

Quality Materials

METTLER TOLEDO ensures quality instruments by selecting electronic components and packaging specifically designed for high precision and long lifetime.


Clear and Simplified
User Menu

Clear and Simplified Menu

A single keypress is all that's needed to start a measurement or toggle between measurement modes. "Read" and "Cal" buttons simplify these tasks, leaving no uncertainty in operating the instrument.

Show Essential Parameters with uFocus™

uFocus™ allows you to view only relevant and important information on the screen. Essential parameter measuring results are easily seen and read, keeping your measurement results the main focus.

Full Sentences in Different Languages

Full Sentences in different languages

For adjustment of settings, the SevenCompact™ offers menus with full sentences in 12 languages for S213 meter and 13 languages for S210, S220 and S230 meters. Reduce uncertainty and cryptic expressions by operating the instrument in the language of your choice.


Printers and Barcode Reader

The SevenCompact series supports printers with RS232 and USB interface. In addition, the multiple USB ports allow for connection of a barcode reader. Both accessories are plug and play, allowing for immediate use of the tool after connection.

Magnetic Stirrer

The uMix™ magnetic stirrer provides an extra degree of flexibility for methods. Stirring can be set up individually for measurement or waiting steps in your method, and the stir speed adjusted depending upon sample’s vessel size and viscosity.


Connect your meter to EasyDirect™ pH software to improve your data management. Software setup is simple, and allows seamless transfer of data from your pH meter to your computer. The application will store unmodified data for printing or analysis. Capability to export the data to Excel or any other .csv application as you see them, unlocks even more possibilities for data analysis.



pH Sensors

The complete InLab® sensor portfolio covers the whole scope of pH applications. These range from routine measurements to specialist applications. To find your perfect match, visit our Sensor Product Guide today for an interactive way to the right sensor

Sensor Product Guide


pH Solutions

METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of top quality buffers, standards, electrolytes, cleaning and verification solutions for determination of pH, conductivity, ion concentration, ORP and dissolved oxygen. All solutions are available in bottles or single use sachets.

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We offer different service packages depending on your needs. These range from professional on-site installation and configuration to documented proof of compliancy. If full coverage beyond initial warranty is desired, we offer an extended care package in the form of preventive maintenance and repair.

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Product Brochures

The SevenCompact™ series combines precise electrochemical measurement technologies with flexibility, innovative design and ease-of-use. Optimal measur...


SevenCompact™ S210 pH meter
The SevenCompact™ pH meter S210 is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. At the same time, working with the S210 is like child’s play....
SevenCompact™ S220 pH meter
The SevenCompact™ pH/Ion meter S220 is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. It is much more than a pH meter: it can also measure ORP a...
SevenCompact™ S230 Conductivity Meter
The SevenCompact™ conductivity meter S230 is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Not only does it measure conductivity but also vario...
SevenCompact™ Duo S213
The SevenCompact™ series combines precise electrochemical measurement technologies with flexibility, innovative design and ease-of-use. Optimal measur...
EasyDirect pH Software Datasheet
In this datasheet you will learn how EasyDirect™ pH software is a simple and safe alternative for storing and handling pH measurement data.


What a SevenCompact™ benchtop meter can be used for?

SevenCompact™ is a universal, state-of-the-art pH/Ion/Conductivity/ORP meter for a wide range of applications, from routine measurements to sample analysis, data handling and data archiving in compliance with GLP regulations. It gives you the choice to view all measurement information on the display or to focus on the essentials with the uFocus™ view. Switching between the different display layouts is easy, requiring only a single keypress. The new color display with its well-designed icons and menu settings in 12 languages makes operation genuinely intuitive. This is simply an innovative design that meets the requirements for a universal, easy-to-operate meter. The included electrode holder with the perfectly vertical uPlace™ movement helps you bring your electrode in the position where it works best for your sample. This allows for faster measurements and reduces the risk of the sample vessel tipping over and/or damaging the sensor.

Further reasons for choosing the SevenCompact™:

  • User friendly instrument for demanding users.
  • Security and high reproducibility thanks to Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)
  • Improved quality of measurements by means of professional calibration support
  • IPac Equipment Qualification including IQ/OQ ensure perfect start
  • Integrated USB and RS232 interfaces for data exchange

METTLER TOLEDO offers pH, ORP, conductivity, ion-selective and dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors. Find the best suited sensor for your application here:

Improve your electrochemical processes and learn more about possible risks. The GEP Risk Check, a systematic approach to maximize accuracy and repeatability, will point out where you could do better and suggest possible ways to get there.

Is it possible to send data from SevenCompact™ to a laboratory information system (LIMS)?

Via RS232 cable: connect the PC or server via RS232 to SevenCompact™. Define automatic transfer to storage with logging to interface and define the interface to be a printer. Then SevenCompact™ sends each result to RS232 (baud rate 1200, data bits 8, stop bit 1, no parity, no handshake) with the identical layout as a printout would look like. Let LIMS analyze this continuously sent data.

Via USB cable: Connect a PC via USB to SevenCompact™ and run EasyDirect™ pH software on that PC. Define automatic transfer to storage with logging to interface and define the interface to be Easy direct pH. In EasyDirect™ pH set data transfer to a txt file (and not to Excel). Configure any layout of that txt file. Let LIMS read out this file whenever a measurement is done.

Is ISM® supported with SevenCompact™?

ISM® stands for Intelligent Sensor Management. Every ISM® marked sensor contains a chip that saves relevant data and exchanges them with the meter.

The saved information comprises the following data:

  • Values, name, serial number, date and time of the certification made at the end of the production at the factory
  • Values, date and time of the last five calibrations
  • The maximum temperature that the sensor has ever been exposed to

This allows for better data security, monitoring of the sensor history and eases handling of the sensor when used with different meters capable of reading ISM® sensors.

The SevenExcellence™, SevenCompact™, Seven2Go™ and SevenGo Duo™ meters incorpo­rate Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)

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