pH Buffer 2.00 500ml - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

pH Buffer 2.00 500ml

METTLER TOLEDO solutions for electrode calibration and care.NIST traceable pH buffer solution for electrode calibration and verification. Package contains one 500 mL bottle of pH buffer 2.00.

Quality solutions for accurate results

Measurement results depend on accurate calibrations, and accurate calibrations come from high quality solutions. Each standard solution comes with a certificate of analysis, providing traceability to NIST standards.

Material No.: 63056117

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Specifications - pH Buffer 2.00 500ml
Value pH 2.00
Certification METTLER TOLEDO
Accuracy Standard (± 0.02 pH)
Packaging type bottle
Packaging size 500 mL
Parameter pH
Purpose calibration/verification



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pH Buffer 2.00 500ml
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