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Base InMotion Flex

Flexible and Efficient.

Maximum Productivity, Minimal Space

Maximize productivity in minimal space with the innovated robotic arm, option boards, and stackable magnetic pumps.

Flexible Workflow

Match your workflows with advanced reagent control and cleaning sequences. Stay connected at a glance with the LED status lights on the tower.

Modular and Tailored

Build your InMotion around your samples with lid handling, barcode reader, SmartSampleTM weighing, and water bath temperature control.

Material No.: 30094121

Available for purchase

Specifications - Base InMotion Flex
Type Automation

A Fit for Any Lab

Increase the testing throughput in your lab by connecting the Flex to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters.


Automated Sample ID Reading
For Safe, Accurate and Efficient COD Analysis
Automated Direct Karl Fischer Content Determination
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Base InMotion Flex


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