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SevenExcellence pH meter S400-Micro-Kit

Unmatched lab performance. SevenExcellence S400 Micro, pH/mV Benchtop Meter Kit with InLab Ultra-Micro ISM

Professional and flexible

In addition to pH and ORP, ISFET is also supported. Further flexibility through the method concept and numerous measurement and calibration options.

Professional pH calibration

Extra security with calibrations owing to methods with strict user guidance and monitoring of offset and slope.

Efficient workflow support

The complete cycle from data entry, via sample analysis to data archiving is efficient and intuitive.

Specifications - 

Simple Operation

The operation of SevenExcellenceTM is so intuitive that it can be deployed immediately without long periods of user familiarisation. Starting an analysis, changing the settings and accessing the results is easily achieved.

Intuitive and Clear

The large, clear colour display and the state-of-the-art touchscreen operation make working with this instrument particularly enjoyable. The instrument speaks your language, making selecting the right menu settings intuitive.

Flexibility in all Respects

SevenExcellenceTM can be used with three modules in any composition and order, offering you the highest possible flexibility as you can expand the instrument at any time, adding new measurement parameters.

Solid Compliance

This instrument has been designed to help you meet the most stringent compliance requirements. SevenExcellenceTM offers the ideal combination of innovative properties integrated within the instrument, appropriate documentation and services.

Efficient Workflow Support

Just one click is needed to start a sample or a series of measurements or an analysis series with an optional autosampler. Once set up, data archiving is a standard procedure that will take place automatically following each analysis.


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SevenExcellence pH meter S400-Micro-Kit


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