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SevenCompact pH meter S220

Versatile and universal. SevenCompact S220-Basic, pH/Ion benchtop meter

Truly intuitive operation

Starting a measurement or calibration requires only a single keypress. Menu settings are intuitive, consisting of full sentences in 12 languages.

High-resolution color display

The 4.3 inch color display with its large digits and well arranged icons makes the relevant data identifiable at a glance.

Connectivity and peripherals

Boost the productivity of your instrument by connecting peripherals, such as a printer, PC, USB-stick and barcode reader.

Material No.: 30019028

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Specifications - SevenCompact pH meter S220
Parameter pH
Channel Single-channel
Version kit Meter only
pH measuring range -2 – 20
pH resolution 0.001
pH accuracy (±) 0.002
Ion concentration measuring range 1.00E-9 – 9.99E+9
Ion concentration resolution 3 or 4 digits (auto)
Ion concentration accuracy (±) 0.5 %
mV measuring range 0
mV resolution 0.1
mV accuracy (±) 0.1
Temperature Range -30 °C – 130 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.1 °C
Portable No
Security and compliance GLP
Password protection
User management
ISM support Yes
Memory size 1.000 measurements
Data Transfer PC
USB stick
Flexibilty and modularity Barcode reader
Protection Rating Watertight and dustproof (IP54)

Automatic buffer recognition

The automatic buffer recognition system allow you to choose the order in which to use buffers when calibrating. This way you quickly get through your routine calibrations without unnecessary error messages.

Two display layouts

Switch with a single keypress between the full-information screen or the uFocusTM layout, in which you will not be distracted by information of less importance.

Connectivity and peripherals

USB and RS232 interfaces allow you to connect various peripherals from METTLER TOLEDO simultaneously, increasing the possibilities of your instrument.

IntelligentSensor Management (ISM®)

ISM® helps eliminate mistakes by automatic identification of the sensor upon connection and ensures that the most recent calibration is used for future measurements.


Compact Printers

No matter which METTLER TOLEDO instrument is connected, you will always obtain a printout that meets the quality standards.

Connection Cables

Power Supply and Protection

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SevenCompact pH meter S220


pH Accessories

The integrated temperature probe guarantees you always measure with the right temperature compensation.
The integrated temperature probe guarantees you always measure with the right temperature compensation.

pH Buffer

These solutions are traceable to the primary standards of reference materials selected by NIST.

pH Sensor

PEEK shaft with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, a robust sensor.
SteadyForceTM reference system is pressurized to prevent the junction from clogging, guaranteeing extremely reliable and reproducible results.
The slim shaft diameter allows measurements of very small sample volumes.
For pH measurement in samples with a temperature down to -30°C.
The extra-long shaft allows measurements in deep vessels, barrels or pilot reactors.
The high electrolyte outflow prevents the pollutants from entering and clogging the junction, which would interfere with the reading.
Measure surfaces like paper, skin or agar plates.
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