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HS84 DSC hot-stage system

DSC hot-stage

Consists of a HS 1 control unit and a HS84 DSC hot-stage and in addition to temperature control and observation of the sample, it also facilitates simultaneous measurement of the DSC heat flow. The samples are measured in glass or sapphire crucibles. You can thereby obtain qualitative and quantitative information on chemical or physical changes in the sample. As a result, the HS84 need not necessarily be used under the microscope, but can be used as a mini DSC, for example in an IR or RAMAN spectrometer, in a glove box or with aluminum crucibles in the beam of an electron synchrotron.

Specifications - HS84 DSC hot-stage system

Temperature rangeRT ... 375 °C
Heating rate0.1 ... 20 K/min
Light aperture2 mm
Measuring sensor typeDSC ceramic sensor, 56 thermocouples
Sample carriersAluminum, glass and sapphire crucibles
Base diameter / volume6mm / 40 µL
DisplayTouch-sensitive 7'' VGA color screen
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian
Shortcuts (One Click™)12 per user


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HS84 DSC hot-stage system
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