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Sodium Analyzer Easy Na

Determine Sodium Content in Food Simply and Quickly. Upgrade from manual titration to simple automation with the Sodium Analyzer to increase speed and accuracy of sodium content analysis in a variety of foods.

Simple & Accurate

The Sodium Analyzer was designed to determine the sodium content in food products simply and quickly.

Save Time on Everyday Tasks

No need for sensor calibration and sample preparation is quick and simple.

Minimize Investment and Operating Costs

The Sodium Analyzer provides value by reducing your initial expenditure, allowing minimization of cost with safe and inexpensive chemicals.

Material No.: 30060051

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Specifications - Sodium Analyzer Easy Na
Parallel Titration No
User Rights and Management No
Application Type Potentiometric
Parameter Ion
PC Software (Optional) EasyDirect
User Interface iTitrate
If…Then Conditions No
Automation (optional) No
Supported Stirrer Motors EasyStir GT (included)
Burette EasyPlus burette 10mL (included)
Sensor DX222-Na Sodium half-cell
Options EasyDirect™ Titration PC Software
EasyStir GT
USB-P25 printer

Easy Programming

Set the minimum parameters, and the instrument will program the rest, including accurate calculations based on your selected measurement units

Truly Global

The instrument speaks your language, and 14 others. Learning and using a new analytical instrument has never been so easy.


DX205-SC Reference electrode ISE
No matter which METTLER TOLEDO instrument is connected, you will always obtain a printout that meets the quality standards.
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Sodium Analyzer Easy Na



Disposable titration beakers PP 100 mL, set of 120 pcs

Classical Half Cell Electrodes

The sodium electrode has a similar construction to a pH electrode, resulting in a fast response time and minimal maintenance requirements.

Classical Reference Electrodes

The DX205-SC is the ideal reference electrode for measurements with ion-selective half-cells

EasyPlus™ Accessories

Titration Beakers

Titration vessel, glass 80 mL, 20 pcs
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