Universal Dosing Starter Set - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Universal Dosing Starter Set

Dosing Accessory Set.

Solution for dosing applications

The Universal Dosing Starter Set helps to quickly and easily set up dosing applications, in combination with EasyMax, OptiMax, RC1mx or RX-10

Compatibility with a variety of pumps

The Universal Dosing Starter Set can be used with the following brands of pumps: ProMinent, KNF, Ismatec and Watson-Marlow

Ideal fit for dosing using the ECB

The Universal Dosing Starter Set is easy to set up in combination with the Easy Control Box (ECB™), METTLER TOLEDO balances and supported pumps

Specifications - Universal Dosing Starter Set
1 pcs
PFA; PTFE; Tygon; PEEK; Glass; PP; PBT; Silicone; ETFE; Borosilicate Glass
Material Number(s)



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Universal Dosing Starter Set
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