Reactor AP01-0.5 3-wall (RC1mx) - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

Reactor AP01-0.5 3-wall (RC1mx)

Efficient development of safe processes.

Study the Plant Process in the Lab

The Reactor AP01 is designed to study key process events as they would happen in the plant.

Insulated for Low Temperatures

Triple wall design prevents the formation of ice at low temperatures, resulting in minimum cooling loss and continuous vision of the reaction mass.

Wide Range of Stirring Options

A large selection of stirrers is available in an extensive array of materials.

Specifications - Reactor AP01-0.5 3-wall (RC1mx)
Operating Volume
70 mL – 500 mL
Inner Diameter
70 mm
Temperature Range
-73 °C – 233 °C
Duran® Glass; PTFE spindle; LUBRIFLON 904 valve plug
Material Number(s)

Chipped Tr-Sensor and Calibration Heater

In a plug-and-play fashion, the SmartConnect Technology incorporated in the Tr sensor and calibration heater allows measured values to be immediately displayed after connecting the sensors as all configuration data is stored on a chip in the cable plug.



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Reactor AP01-0.5 3-wall (RC1mx)
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