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Reactor HP60-V, C22 (RC1mx)

Efficient development of safe processes.

Study the Plant Process in the Lab

The HP60 reactor is designed to study key process events as they would happen in the plant.

1.8 L Vessel for High-Pressure Chemistry

The HP60 reactor consists of three parts: the pressure vessel (max. pressure of 60 bar), the oil jacket and the outer insulation jacket.

Complete and ready-to-go reactor set

Includes reactor, Tr sensor, calibration heater, magnetic drive, stirrer and pressure gage.

Specifications - Reactor HP60-V, C22 (RC1mx)
Alloy C22; Stainless steel (AISI 316); PTFE
Operating Volume
0.5 L – 1.5 L
Temperature Range
-10 °C – 250 °C
Inner Dimensions (HxØ)
196 mm x 102 mm
Nominal Volume
1.8 L
2 x 3/8 inch NPT; 3 x 1/2 inch NPT; Center M36 x 1.5; 3 x 1/4 inch NPT
Pressure Range
Max. 60 bar rel.
1 pcs
Material Number(s)

Chipped Tr-Sensor and Calibration Heater

Incorporated SmartConnect technology enables a plug-and-play display of measured values as soon as the sensors are connected, as all configuration data is stored on a chip in the cable plug.



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Reactor HP60-V, C22 (RC1mx)
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