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Reactor AP00-6 Glass (RC1mx)

Safe and Reproducible for Kilo Plants.

Small-Scale Production in Safe Conditions

The 6L glass reactor will provide you with the fast and safe production of kilograms of quality reactant.

Reliable and Efficient Process Control

Running fully programmed and controlled small-scale production in the 6L reactor allows efficient recording of critical parameters.

Minimize Secondary Reactions

Performing small-scale reactions with the RC1mx and the 6L reactor allows accurate control of process parameters, including temperature, dosing and pH.

Specifications - Reactor AP00-6 Glass (RC1mx)
Operating Volume
0.5 L – 6 L
Nominal Volume
7.5 L
2 x ST40/45; 3 x ST29/32; 5 x ST19/26; Center 40
Inner Diameter
180 mm
Software Requirement
Temperature Range
-20 °C – 200 °C
Duran® Glass; PTFE; FEP-O-Seal; Stainless Steel; FPM; Valflon; Polycarbonate; Alloy C22
Material Number(s)



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Reactor AP00-6 Glass (RC1mx)
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