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RC1mx High Torque Stirrer Motor

High-Performance Torque Stirrer Motor.

Usage for Viscous Applications

The RC1mx High-Torque Stirrer Motor supports applications with highly viscous mass or suspensions with a large amount of solid particles.

Powerful Stirrer Motor

Its powerful 4 Nm of torque ensures consistent stirring of viscous solutions.

Compatible with a Variety of Stirrers

The RC1mx High-Torque Stirrer Motor is suitable for different types of stirrers as anchor, pitched-blade, gassing or Paravisc stirrers.

Specifications - RC1mx High Torque Stirrer Motor
Powder coated housing, anodized aluminum
Dimensions (LxHxØ)
75 mm x 347 mm x 103 mm
1 pcs
0 rpm – 625 rpm
4 N-m
Material Number(s)



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RC1mx High Torque Stirrer Motor
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