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ReactRaman 785

Expand Process Understanding.ReactRaman 785 with fiber probe based sampling technology.

Compact Performance

ReactRaman combines high performance with a small, thermally stable, robust and portable design, delivering outstanding results wherever it’s needed.

Fast, Accurate Results

Optimized for in situ monitoring, ReactRaman delivers precise and sensitive process data for easy conversion to results with One Click Analytics™.

Integrated Platform

ReactRaman is part of an integrated suite of products combined across the powerful iC software platform to provide unparalleled process understanding.

Material No.: 304725451

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Specifications - ReactRaman 785
For Use In
Laboratory: EasyMax/OptiMax
iC Raman 7
Base Unit Description
Laboratory base unit
Optical Range (Base Unit)
100cm-1 to 3200cm-1
Excitation Wavelength
785 nm
Excitation Power
Max: 400mW; Standard: <250mW
2-stage TE Cooled CCD
Base Unit Dimension
H: 77mm [3.0 in.]; W: 250mm [9.8 in.]; L: 250mm [9.8 in.]
Fiber Connections
FC/PC (both excitation and collection)
Base Unit Temperature Range –
5 °C – 35 °C
Laser Classification
Class IIIB laser. Compliant with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11
100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Sampling Technology
Fixed or Interchangeable Probe; Flowcell [optional, compatible with interchangeable Fiber Head]
Probe Wetted Material
C-276, Sapphire, Gold
Probe Wetted Diameter
12.7mm [0.5 in.]; 9.5mm [0.375 in]
Probe Wetted Length
12.7mm dia: 260mm [10.25 in.]; 9.5mm dia: 248mm [9.75 in.]
Probe Temperature Range
-40°C to 300°C
Probe Pressure Rating
413 barg [6,000 psig]
Probe Fiber Length
1.7m [5.6ft]
Flowcell Wetted Materials
C-22, Sapphire, Kalrez® or Gold seal
Flowcell Volume
200 µL
Flowcell Temperature Range
Kalrez: -40°C to 250°C; Gold: -40°C to 300°C
Flowcell Pressure Rating
Gold: 170 barg [2,500 psig]; Kalrez: 34 barg [500 psig]
Material Number(s)

Shared Expertise

ReactRaman was designed by spectroscopy experts to make it simple for scientists to acquire high-quality data and meaningful results. A global team is committed to ensuring scientists can solve challenging chemistry problems using this reliable instrument.

Smart Setup

Traditionally, Raman instruments can be difficult to set up making experimental preparation a time consuming task. ReactRaman with iC Raman 7 calculates optimized data collection parameters, providing confidence that high-quality results will be collected every time.

Sustainable Platform

iC Raman 7 is built on the new iC platform for reaction analysis. Designed to work with modern and evolving operating systems and to accept improved functionality over time, iC Raman 7 is the sustainable choice for chemical development laboratories.




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ReactRaman 785