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ParticleTrack G600L

Optimize Crystallization, Particle and Droplet Processes

Particle Track G600L with FBRM® technology can be used for sample analysis, mounted in small scale laboratory vessels (500ml - 10L) or inserted into a continuous pipeline for real-time monitoring. The pneumatic probe design of the ParticleTrack G600L is ideal for use in classified laboratory hoods.

FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) technology tracks the rate and degree of change to particles, particle structures and droplets as they actually exist in process – at full process concentration. Inline FBRM® measurements help chemists and engineers quickly link process variables to changes in particle dimension, shape and count, enabling faster optimization and scale-up of crystallization, particle and droplet processes.

With FBRM® Technology, users can:

  • Understand how the particle or droplet system responds to changing process parameters
  • Optimize particle or droplet distribution to improve process performance and product quality
  • Transfer the process to manufacturing and achieve batch repeatability and process safety

Phased-out since: Apr, 2016

Replaced with: ParticleTrack G600B

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Specifications - ParticleTrack G600L
Measurement Range 0.5 – 2000μm
Temperature Range (Base/Field Unit) 0 to 45°C
Base Unit Description Stainless 316, 4X, IP66
Base Unit Dimension (HxWxL) 500 mm x 419 mm x 206 mm
Power Requirements 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
For Use In Laboratory: OptiMax or Larger
Software iC FBRM (Standard);iC Process for FBRM (Optional)
Scanning System Pneumatic
Scan Speeds 2m/s
Chord Selection Method (CSM) Primary (fines) AND Macro (coarse)
Probe Diameter 19mm
Probe Wetted Length 406mm
Probe Wetted Alloy C22
Window Sapphire
Standard Window Seals Kalrez®
Probe/Window Options TM Window;Electropolish
Pressure Rating (Probe) 10barg (standard);up to 100barg (custom)
Temperature Rating (Probe) -10 to 120°C (standard);-80 to 150°C (custom)
Conduit Length 5m [16.4ft] (standard);15m (custom)
Air Requirements Scanner Requirements: Min. pressure: 4barg [60psig];Flow: 28.3 NL/min [1.0SCFM]
ParticleTrack Model ParticleTrack G600L
Enclosure Description Stainless Field Enclosure (4X, IP66)
Base/Field Unit Dimensions (NOT shipping dimensions) Depth: 206mm [8.1in];Height: 500mm [19.7in];Width: 419mm [16.5in]
Material Number(s) 14000006


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