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EasySampler 1210

Unattended, Representative Sampling For a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions

Sampling of chemical reactions for offline analysis to determine reaction progress or impurity profiles is standard practice.  However, the sampling process is not always a precise operation and can be challenging with reactions at elevated temperatures, or reactions where a slurry exists.  Delays in quenching can lead to variable results and inaccuracies in the analytical information gained.

EasySampler Sampling For a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions
Specifications - EasySampler 1210
Temperature Range -20 °C – 140 °C
Material PP;PTFE;Stainless Steel;Ceramic;Aluminum
Dilution Factor 80 - 450 (1.6 - 9mL)
Rack 12 x 10 mL
Dimensions (LxWxH) 500 mm x 310 mm x 465 mm
Weight 9 kg
Power 100 - 240 V
Material Number(s) 30083901

EasySampler was designed to eliminate these challenges by providing an automated and robust inline method of taking representative samples from reactions, even at extreme conditions.

Common EasySampler applications include:

  • Impurity Profiling
  • Product Formation
  • By-Product Formation
  • Sampling for Impurity Profiling
  • Reaction Progress by Offline Analysis
  • Yield
  • Air-Sensitive Reactions
  • Low-Temperature Reactions (to -20 °C)
  • Moisture-Sensitive Chemistry
  • Sampling Hazardous Reactions
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EasySampler 1210
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