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EasySampler Probe 450 Set

For RC1 and Other Reactors up to 6L

EasySampler Probe 450 Set includes additional sleeves, adapters to interface the probe with reactors, and a spare tubing set. Probe 450 is 453 mm in length, for use with RC1 Reaction Calorimeters and other reactors up to 6 L.

EasySampler Probe 450 Set
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Specifications - EasySampler Probe 450 Set
Material Number(s) 30306037
MaterialWetted parts: Alloy C22, PTFE
Non-wetted parts: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Temperature Range-20 °C to 140 °C, at ambient pressure
Pressure Range1.013 bar to 10 bar (14.7 psi to 145 psi) with the following conditions:
Temperature range: 20 °C to 100 °C and maximum reactor volume: 2500 mL
pH Range1 to 14
Pocket Size20 µl ± 10 %
Length453 mm
Diameter9.5 mm


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EasySampler Probe 450 Set