500 mL OptiMax 2-Piece Glass Reactor Set - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

500 mL OptiMax 2-Piece Glass Reactor Set

For Chemical Synthesis, Reaction Optimization, Crystallization Studies and Scale-up Experiments

Ideal for chemical synthesis, reaction optimization, crystallization studies and scale-up experiments, the 500 mL OptiMax Two-Piece Glass Reactor is versatile and easy-to-set-up.

Glass reactors are widely used in research and development of compounds in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  OptiMax reactors are available in various sizes, inert against most chemistries, easy-to-clean and can be equipped with METTLER TOLEDO as well as standardized lab accessories. 

500 mL OptiMax Two-Piece Glass Reactor Set
Specifications - 500 mL OptiMax 2-Piece Glass Reactor Set
Material Number(s) 51162832
Glass ReactorVmin: 70 mL
Vmax: 500 mL
Vnom: 830 mL
Botton Drain ValveYes
Temperature Range-40 °C to 180 °C
Pressure RangeVaccum to Ambient
Glass Cover1 x ST14/23, 3 x ST19/26, center ST24/29 openings
MaterialBorosilicate Glass, PTFE, PEEK
StirrerStirrer shart with pitch-blade down 45 mm in Alloy C-22
Additional Accessories IncludedReceptacle for 500 mL Reactor
Reactor Clamp for 500 mL Reactor
Baffle made of Alloy C-22
Cover Holder
Glass Stoppers
Keck Clamps



Reactor Systems for Chemical Synthesis
Replace round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors with reactor systems for simple chemical and process development enabling scientists to deliver...
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500 mL OptiMax 2-Piece Glass Reactor Set


The OptiMax PTFE reactor cover is a robust alternative to the standard glass cover.

Material No.: 30090540

OptiMax Stirrers For 500 mL 2-Piece Reactors are an accessory for the OptiMax 2-Piece 500 mL Vessel.

Material No.:

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500 mL OptiMax 2-Piece Glass Reactor Set
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