iCare Software Maintenance | Maintenance for METTLER TOLEDO iC Software

SW Plan iCare ICIR-1Year

Get More, Spend Less.One-year iCare for iC IR Instr

Stay Up-to-Date and Save Money

Always have access to the latest version of iC software at no additional cost – iCare is the most cost-effective way to keep up to date.

Prevent Obsolescence

iCare helps you adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape and delivers access to the latest features extending the life and value of your instrument.

Ensure Compatibility

For multiple instruments, iCare ensures that data sharing and exchange continues to work seamlessly by keeping all units on the latest version.

Material No.: 14910090

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Specifications - SW Plan iCare ICIR-1Year
iCare Software Maintenance
All iC Software
Subscription Term
1 yr
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iCare Software Maintenance Plan
iCare Software Maintenance includes all upgrades and maintenance releases for Instrument or Office versions of iC and iControl Software as well as pri...

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SW Plan iCare ICIR-1Year