Platform Scales for Accurate Measurements

Platform Scales

High-Precision and Versatile Weighing Solutions

Platform scales are designed for accurate weighing of items and materials in industrial settings. Choose from analog or smart load cell technology with functional, ergonomic platform designs. METTLER TOLEDO platform scales can be equipped with digital displays and connected to computers and other devices for data recording and analysis.

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Hygienic Scale Platforms

New! Hygienic Scale Platforms

PBD659 and PBA639 hygienic scale platforms from METTLER TOLEDO are designed for simplified cleaning and compliance in regulated weighing environments. Eliminate contamination risk and maximize your productivity with the new generation of stainless steel wet area scales. Read more


Explore Hygienic Design in Detail

The PBD659 strictly adheres to hygienic design guidelines, facilitates quick and easy cleaning, and meets higher accuracy standards to optimize your processes and reduce costs. Our 360° product animation allows you to view the unique features in full detail, including the fully protected load cell and open frame design. Read more

High Precision in Action

High Precision in Action.

When you must fulfill tight tolerances, these platforms provide the accuracy you need. Watch the video to learn how the platform design enables the highest precision in production environments and how this can help you improve your weighing processes and ensure consistent quality, increase productivity and meet regulations. Read more

Effective and efficient cleaning - Platform scale

Effective and efficient cleaning

PBA430 weighing platforms are the gold standard for wash-down areas. When your process requires easy cleaning and handling, the PBA430's hermetically sealed stainless-steel load cell gets the job done easily and thoroughly. Well suited for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, they include 3 square and 5 rectangular weighing platform sizes for weighing from 3 to 600 kg. Read more

Direct Connectivity

Direct Connectivity

PBK9 APW Weighing Platforms can be directly connected via plug-in cables to any process-control system via RS422 or RS485 and serviced with their additional RS232 interface. Connectivity of platform to Profibus™ DP, EtherNet/IP™, DeviceNet™, Profinet IO® is available with options. Read more

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FAQs - Platform Scales

What are platform scales?

Platform scales are used for weighing materials in industrial or commercial settings. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as weighing packages, containers, and bulk goods. They can also be used in shipping and receiving operations, manufacturing, and inventory management. They are available in a range of sizes and capacities and can be powered by either AC or battery.

What is the weight capacity of a typical platform scale?

The weight capacities of our platform scales vary depending on the model but can range from 0.6 kg (1.2 lb) to 600 kg (1000 lbs). For weighing applications that require higher capacities, consider an industrial floor scale

Can platform scales be used for weighing hazardous materials?

METTLER TOLEDO offers platform scales that are designed for use with hazardous materials or in hazardous areas. Browse our explosion-proof platform scales based on your hazardous area classification:  Zone 1/21, Zone 2/22, Division 1, or Division 2. It is recommended to consult with a METTLER TOLEDO specialist for support with selecting the correct model for your application.

Do you have platform scales suitable for outdoor or harsh environments?

Certain platform scales have corrosion-resistant construction, including the PBD659, PBA639 and PBK9 platform scales. However, your environmental conditions can have an impact on the performance of the scale if the equipment is subject to vibration or other ongoing environmental influences. Platform scales that are used in harsh environments may require more frequent calibration and maintenance to deliver the desired measurement results. It is best to consult with your local METTLER TOLEDO representative to identify the scale that is best for your unique environment and application, as well as define a routine maintenance plan for continued performance.

Are platform scales easy to use?

Platform scales are designed to be easy to use. METTLER TOLEDO has expert service technicians equipped to help you with any questions or assistance you may need.

Are platform scales available in different sizes?

Yes, platform scales are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different items and applications. You can choose the size of the scale based on the size of the object or the capacity you need.

Can platform scales be connected to a computer?

Most current platform scales can be connected to a computer for data recording and analysis with a compatible scale indicator and a RS232 convertor.  METTLER TOLEDO also offers a wide range of software to optimize your weighing process.