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IND780batch Batching Controller

For increased manufacturing efficiency

IND780batch and Packaged IND780batch

The IND780batch controller combines advanced batching control technology with the powerful features of the IND780 terminal. Engineered for the Food, Specialty Chemical, Plastics, Glass and Aggregates batching and formulation market, the IND780batch works as a stand-alone terminal for single scale, multi scale, or flow meter applications. In even more demanding applications, IND780batch can use advanced predictive adaptive control algorithms for superb accuracy and throughput.
A packaged solution is available, either with I/O optimized for single-scale applications or customized to suit your specific application requirements. The controller provides easy installation for out-of-the-box performance.

Automatic batching with IND780batch

Automatic batching with IND780batch
Consistent recipe creation and adherence to safety standards and regulations are the hallmark of any successful manual batching control operation. In any industry that requires manual batching, operators now can rely on IND780batch for high quality, consistent output and less waste. The latest addition to METTLER TOLEDO's batch control line, the IND780batch controller, now helps small- to mid-sized batching operations minimize material waste, improve batch quality and yield increased profits.

Manual batching with IND780batch

Manual batching with IND780batch
Powerful and flexible batching technologyIND780batch and BatchTool 780
The IND780batch combines multiple control options with ease of configuration in applications using up to four scales or flow meters simultaneously.
IND780batch Features and Benefits
  • ISA S88-compliant, providing a consistent protocol for batch operations
  • Up to 40 inputs and 56 outputs allow maximum flexibility in control setup
  • Storage for up to 1,000 recipes with as many as 99 steps per recipe, with the ability to control 42 automatic material feeds
  • Configurable on-the-fly recipe rescaling and recipe looping capability
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes, with user-defined messages and simplified data collection for operators
  • Available Q.iMPACT Predictive Adaptive Control (PAC) to minimize material feed variability and maximize production efficiency
  • BatchTool 780 PC-based configuration utility simplifies recipe and order creation, Track and Trace logging, security setup, usage reporting, and configuration back-up and restore
  • Equipment view screens show system status for advanced diagnostic capability
Packaged IND780batch Features and Benefits

The Packaged IND780batch supports single-scale operation, with the following features in addition to those standard in the IND780batch controller:
  • Self-contained, stand-alone controller for batch applications
  • Logic for 10 automatic materials, one dump-to-empty and one auxiliary control
  • Start/Resume and Pause/Abort pushbuttons
  • Status annunciator light

IND780batch screen



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IND780batch Batching Controller
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