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IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal

Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing Applications

The IND780 is a highly flexible terminal capable of supporting simple to complex, stand-alone to integrated weighing and control applications. A wide range of communications interfaces are available, including serial, Ethernet, USB and a variety of fieldbuses.
Specifications - IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal
Resolution 1,000,000 divisions
Resolution (approvable) Analog - 10,000e NMI, 10,000d NTEP; IDNet - varies with scale base, NMI, NTEP
Dimensions Panel-mount: 220 x 320 x 105 mm (8.7 x 12.6 x 4.1 in.), Harsh Environment Desk/ Wall /Column-mount: 200 x 299 x 235 mm (7.8 x 11.8 x 9.3 in.)
Housings Harsh: Stainless Steel; Panel: Stainless Steel Faceplate
Degree of protection Harsh: IP69k; Panel: Type 4x/12
Keyboard 30-key tactile keyboard with numeric keypad, navigation keys, function keys
Display Backlit LCD graphic display; 320 x 240 pixels; QVGA, 145 mm (5.7 in); active TFT color
Mounting options Panel, desk, wall
Suitable platforms / weigh modules Up to 4 analog scales (10 VDC ex. up to (8) 350Ω load cells, 2 or 3 mV/V) per channel, POWERCELL® PDX® and MTX®, IDNet Scale, X-Base SICS
A/D rate (int./ext) Greater than 366 Hz internal; 50 Hz target comparison; 20 Hz PLC output
Digital Input/Output Maximum 40 inputs, 56 outputs with internal and external I/O options
Interfaces Ethernet TCP/IP, Com 1 (RS-232), Com 2 (RS-232, 422 or 485), USB
Options Serial, Digital I/O, A-B Remote I/O, Profibus DP, Profinet, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, DeviceNet, TaskExpert
Applications Standard process/transaction weighing, over/under checkweighing, filling, vehicle
Hazardous area approval Class I and II, Div 2, Groups A-D, F, G;
Hazardous area approval II 3 G Ex nA nL IIB T4; II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T85°C Dc IP69K (Harsh); II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T85°C Dc IP65 (Panel) -10°C..+40°C
IND780 Harsh with traffic controlOptimize the amount of visible information with the graphical LCD display. Configure up to four scales and a metrologically approved sum scale, then view one or all simultaneously.

The IND780’s multiprocessor design provides the fastest A/D performance at 366 Hz, with TraxDSP digital filtering for rough weighing conditions. Configurable softkeys permit single key press operation of important features and functions. The built-in predictive maintenance and diagnostics features help predict errors and plan scale maintenance, rather than react after a scale is already down.

Features and Benefits
  • A simple operating system with an enhanced graphical display and SmartTrac™ – Improves the speed and accuracy of manual or semi-automatic operations, with three display modes that relate weight status to target graphically
  • An array of integrated functions - Including Step Calibration, CalFREE™, TraxDSP™ Digital Filtering and TraxEMT™ Maintenance Diagnostics Suite
  • Multiple measurement channels - Allow concurrent scale measurement and control in a single terminal for hardware and engineering cost savings
  • Internal target/setpoint I/O controls - Internal digital I/O for direct material transfer control imporoves speed and accuracy in weigh-in or weigh-out feeding processes
  • Target Table - Eliminates the need for repetitive data entry by storing numerous target and tolerance records for over/under checkweighing or material feed control applications
  • MinWeigh® - Ensures compliance and prevents inaccurate measurements by monitoring the scale for any weighments below a specified minimum
  • Cluster networking - Provides remote terminal access over an Ethernet LAN network, for flexible distribution of control and data


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IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal


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IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal
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