IND570dyn and IND9D57 Dynamic Weighing Controllers - Overivew - METTLER TOLEDO

IND570dyn and IND9D57 Dynamic Weighing Controllers

IND570dyn and IND9D57 Dynamic Weighing Controllers

Legal-for-trade approved solutions for high speed dynamic weighing

The IND570dyn and IND9D57 dynamic weighing controllers from METTLER TOLEDO can be used with a variety of METTLER TOLEDO scale conveyor systems, or other suitable scale conveyor systems using analog load cells. Five standard discrete inputs and eight outputs are included with the IND9D57. This flexibility makes it easy to create a tailored solution for specific applications.

Specifications - IND570dyn and IND9D57 Dynamic Weighing Controllers
Discrete I/O; Ethernet TCP/IP; RS232, RS422, RS485; USB
Application Software
In motion dynamic weighing
Mounting Flexibility
Wall mounted
115/230V AC, 50/60 Hz
Graphic OLED
Dimensions (LxWxD)
19.16 in x 16 in x 7.47 in
Stainless Steel
Protection Rating
IP 65
Material Number(s)
30378434, 30378435, 30378436, 30378437, 30415837, 30415948, 30415949, 30415950


Installation Instructions

PLC Configuration Guide
Proper use of your new equipment according to this Manual and regular calibration and maintenance by our factorytrained service team ensures dependabl...



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IND570dyn and IND9D57 Dynamic Weighing Controllers
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