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IND560 PDX Terminal - Discontinued Product

Versatile Technology for Vehicle Weighing Applications

IND560 PDX terminalThe IND560 PDX is unique because, unlike other terminals, it immediately notifies your operator of cell failure or breach before inaccurate weight causes you to lose money. Unlike conventional systems, which can require hours of troubleshooting, the IND560 PDX interfaces with the new METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL® PDX® load cells to provide real-world diagnostic information.
This information allows a technician to analyze the scale's health and, in the unlikely event of a failure, quickly find and replace the failed component to get the system up and running just minutes.

Terminal interface for the most powerful load cell technology available

The IND560 PDX combines the industry's highest accuracy with a proactive set of diagnostic monitoring features that track the health of each PDX load cell. Using the TaskExpert™ programming tool, the IND560 PDX terminal can be equipped with a custom application perfectly matched to specific vehicle weighing functions.

Discontinued since: Oct, 2014

Replaced with: IND570 and IND570xx Weighing Terminals

Performance and Versatility, Delivered

Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570 terminal is easy to integrate into industrial weighing systems and processes.

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Operational Area Vehicle weighing
Suitable platforms / weigh modules POWERCELL PDX
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