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Drum Scale and Filling Systems

Drum Scale and Filling Systems

Complete, semi-automatic drum scales for your filling challenges




Drum Scale and Filling Systems

What is a drum scale?
A drum scale is a system designed specifically for weighing drum containers as they are filled with a substance...

What is a drum scale?
A drum scale is a system designed specifically for weighing drum containers as they are filled with a substance. Filling with precision can be a challenge especially with the need to calculate accurate cut off time of filling flow – with a system dedicated to filling, this task becomes easier and you gain more precise filling.

What are the benefits of a drum scales?
Drum scales limit operator exposure to hazardous materials and reduce container handling. They also increase productivity while eliminating product giveaway. With more accurate filling of each drum, you are able to see consistent profitable growth from this point in production. This also allows for more accurate inventory control, and better visibility into plant operations.

What kind of drum scales are available?
Typically drum scales are available in standalone or integrated with material-handling solutions. Special options include models that are available in complete stainless steel with nitrogen gas purging or hot water/steam jacketing and are appropriate for your hazardous area.

How easy are drum scales to operate?
The easy-to-operate system helps workers set filling parameters for effective material control. A large, clear menu display allows quick set-up, while an intelligent controller helps enhance productivity and reduce product giveaway.

How does the iDFS drum filling scale work?
i-DFS works on the 3E principle. An auto-tare feature for up to four containers allows easy operation and ensures the correct container is on the platform. i-DFS offers easily configurable set values, target values, fill and fine-fill values. An auto spill and learn mode, user defined passwords, and traxDSP digital filtering technology makes the system easy to use in all conditions. i-DFS provides daily filled data in a cumulative weight format on the display and offers a complete data-dump to USB or PC to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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