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POWERCELL Zone 1/Div 1 Kit 1-4 LCs

POWERCELL Zone 1/Div 1 includes a barrier, converter box and terminal to barrier home-run cable for 1-4 load cells.

Safe operation in hazardous area

Combine the accurate weighing of POWERCELL® load cells with safe operation in division 1 and zone 1/21 hazardous areas.

POWERCELL approved

The kit provides a fully approved POWERCELL® weighing system that uses the CANbus communication protocol.

Specifications - POWERCELL Zone 1/Div 1 Kit 1-4 LCs
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POWERCELL® Load Cell Technology
Designed to improve the performance of Bulk Weighing applications across the production process, POWERCELL® can help: cut maintenance costs up to 50%,...

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POWERCELL Zone 1/Div 1 Kit 1-4 LCs
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