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GWP® Verification

Safeguard your process with GWP®

GWP_Verification_200x150.jpgGWP® Verification – reliable calibration and scale performance

The GWP® Verification service ensures that you: 

  • Produce consistent, high-quality products
  • Save money by efficiently managing equipment
  • Maintain complete, audit-proof documentation

View a GWP® Verification summary report example (pdf)

View a GWP® Verification single scale report example (pdf)

If you request a GWP® Verification a Mettler Toledo Service consultant will verify if your scale satisfies your process and quality requirements under real operating conditions. The GWP® verification service will provide you:

  • the measurement range in which you can operate your scale to achieve reproducible results without weighing errors
  • immediate measures to recover your scale accuracy in case of poor performance
  • all necessary information for cost efficient lifetime calibration and testing (e.g. test methods, test intervales, test weights)
  • a complete set of audit-proof documentation
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GWP® Verification
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