Analog junction boxes for superior accuracy and stability.
AJB Multi-Purpose Junction Boxes

AJB Multi-Purpose Junction Boxes

Quick and simple connection with excellent stability


AJB Multi-Purpose Precision Junction Boxes

METTLER TOLEDO's Precision Junction Boxes enable the quick and safe integration of multiple analog load cells into any machine for filling, dosi...

METTLER TOLEDO's Precision Junction Boxes enable the quick and safe integration of multiple analog load cells into any machine for filling, dosing, batching, sorting and check-weighing. METTLER TOLEDO's junction boxes are used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.  They are available in various versions depending on the application and environment to meet requirements of OEM machine manufacturers, system integrators and end-users.  

Tanks, silos, hoppers, conveyors and bench and floor scales with analog weighing technology often include more than one load cell. Obviously the performance of such scales depends on load cell quality. But many scale designers underestimate the importance of the junction box necessary to sum multiple load cell outputs prior to connection to the weighing terminal. 

The junction box is an analog component in an analog circuit where voltage changes of as little as 0.1 µV can be very significant. The accuracy and performance of analog scales can be undermined by poorly designed junction boxes which can be sensitive to temperature changes, have poor long-term stability and poor ability to correct corner-load errors. A modern junction box such as METTLER TOLEDO's Precision Junction Box line is inherently robust to these effects while reducing installation time and improving ergonomics for field service.

METTLER TOLEDO offers Precision Junction Box versions for hazardous areas with ATEX and IECEx certification and for food and pharmaceutical applications where EHEDG design rules are followed along with GMP and NSF certification. 

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Discrete Resistors for Long Term Stability
Rotary Switches for Easy Scale Adjustment
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