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JAGXTREME Terminal - General Purpose

Weigh fast! Weigh powerful! Weigh cool!

Phased-out since: Nov, 2007

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JAGXTREME Terminal - General Purpose
JAGXTREME Terminal - General Purpose
Specifications - JAGXTREME Terminal - General Purpose
Trade Name jagextreme,jag
The JAGXTREME is "weigh fast" because its multiprocessor technology and high-speed, three-stage digital tracking filter enable it to provide quick weight response.

The JAGXTREME is "weigh powerful" because it employs predictive failure analysis, so it can schedule and track its own maintenance, maintain ISO calibration compliance, predict failures bhefore they occur and alert designated individuals of potential failurs of maintenance needs by email, and perform fault recognition and recovered (when combined with the METTLER TOLEDO RAAD box). It also offers more space for custom rpograms, dataand software programs.

The JAGXTREME is "weigh cool" because with its Internet capabilities, open connectivity and extreme power, it opens up the boundaries of organizations by allowing information to originate from outside their walls and to facilitate communication within them. It enables scales to automatically report, receive and respond to automated control systems so a manufacturing organization can successfully produce one-of-a-kind products or thousands of a single kind. It lowers total cost of ownership and much, much more.

The JAGXTREME terminal is available in general purpose, panel-mount, blind panel-mount, and harsh environment enclosures.
Features and Benefits
  • JAGXTREME is the fastest industrial terminal capable of simultaneously operating up to four scales without affecting performance or speed.
  • Download programs, monitor systems, or access setup data from across the plant or the globe, for faster operation and service.
  • Predict failures BEFORE they happen! JAGXTREME notifies you by email when failures occur, tracks its own maintenance, and lets you know when it's time for calibration.
  • With more memory than most standard terminals, the JAGXTREME terminal offers more space for custom programs, data and software options - making it flexible, as well as powerful.
  • Bridge the islands of automation with truly open connectivity. Because JAGXTREME uses Ethernet, the leading network hardware platform, it's easy to connect to your LAN, WAN or enterprise system to share information.
  • With the embedded web browser and the services of TCP/IP, the JAGXTREME terminal allows you to monitor your application and make setup changes from anywhere in the world -- and use tools already on your PC to do it.
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