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S20 SevenEasy™ pH

The nature of measurement

Phased-out since: Sep, 2011

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This well designed pH-meter meets all your requirements without overstretching your budget.
pH-Meter including power supply, electrode arm and base, operating instructions, test certificate and declaration of conformity.

S20 SevenEasy™ pH
Specifications - S20 SevenEasy™ pH
Material Number(s) 51302803
SevenEasyThe intuitive new interface with its visual icons makes operation child's play. Applications range from single battery-operated measurements through to the analysis of large sample series including data transfer. Simply innovative design that fully meets the requirements of modern quality control, data management and official regulations.

  • User friendly instrument for demanding users
  • High reproducibility through improved sensor technology
  • Improved Quality of measurements through automatic functions
  • Comprehensive service package including IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Integrated interface for data exchange

Features and Benefits
Automatic temperature compensationWith the automatic temperature compensation (ATC) feature, the effect of the temperature on the electrode reading is corrected.
Automatic endpointUsing the automatic endpoint feature will markedly improve the reproducibility of your readings. This ensures the ever increasing quality demanded of measurements.
Automatic buffer recognitionThe automatic buffer recognition system allow you to choose the order in which to use buffers when calibrating. This way you quickly get through your routine calibrations without unnecessary error messages.
Prominent displayThe clear, contrasting display with its large characters allows the easy reading of results as well as other relevant additional information displayed.
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