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Balance XPE204 - Discontinued Product

A Sustainable Investment.Outstanding performance, compliance, and process integration in analytical weighing, with a capacity of 81/220g, 0.01/0.1mg readability, automatic internal adjustment and testing

Electrostatic Charge Detection

Automatically detect any relevant static charges present in the weighing chamber that might lead to out of specification weighing results.

Easy Balance Management

The innovative StatusLight gives fast information about the balance status for immediate quality control. Compliance is assured with Test Manager.

Easily Upgradeable


Discontinued since: Sep, 2018

Replaced with: Balance XPR204

Valid Results Every Time.XPR Analytical Balance, 220 g capacity, 0.1 mg readability, 7'' capacitive colored touchscreen, user management, electrostatic detection, automatic internal adjustment and LabX ready

Right-first-time Results

The integrated StatusLight™, LevelControl and GWP Approved actively work to ensure all the relevant conditions for correct weighing are met.


Thanks to the patented StaticDetect function, XPR microanalytical and analytical balances detect electrostatic charges on samples and containers.

Audit-ready Any Time

Connect your XPR analytical balance to the LabX software to provide full support for regulatory compliance and data integrity.

Accessories - Balance XPE204

Anti-static Solutions

Material No.: 11107767

Excellence Refractometer Accessories and Consumables

Material No.: 11132601

Material No.: 30094674

Material No.: 30094673

Hands-free Accessories, Stands & Displays & Data Readers

Material No.: 30078900

Innovative Tare Container Holders

Material No.: 11106748

Material No.: 11106883

Material No.: 11106747

Material No.: 11106746

Material No.: 11106764

Manual Sample Dosing

Material No.: 30064493

Material No.: 30061260

Printers and Peripherals

Pour une consignation exempte d'erreurs, choisissez l'imprimante Bluetooth!

Material No.: 11132540

Consumables - Balance XPE204

Specifications- Balance XPE204

Specifications - Balance XPE204
Maximum Capacity
220 g
0.1 mg
Repeatability (Test Weight)
0.05 mg (10 g)
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
82 mg
Internal / proFACT Advanced
Automated Minimum Weight (USP), Typical
82 mg
Weighing Pan Dimensions (WxD)
73 mm x 78 mm
Legal for Trade
Settling Time
1.5 s
Repeatability (typical)
0.04 mg
Linearity ±
0.2 mg
Dimensions (DxHxW)
487 mm x 322 mm x 263 mm
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.07 mg
Material Number(s)
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