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T90 Titrator - Discontinued Product

Unlimited flexibility The powerful titration system that solves complex tasks easily and efficiently.

Besides the many advantages of the Titration Excellence line such as One Click Titration™, Plug & Play, method database and the refinements of the T70 the T90 offers a number of other important features such as parallel titration, conditions in method functions, result buffer, series sequence.

Discontinued since: Feb, 2016

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Replaced with: Titrator Excellence T9

Intelligent and Powerful

Versatile titrator for all applications.The T9 provides top modularity within the Excellence line. Expandable from 1 to 8 total burettes plus 2 extra sensor boards to grow with advanced needs including Karl Fischer. Supports InMotion automation and 2 simultaneous titration workflows.

Runs Two Titrations Simultaneously

The powerful T9 runs two independent and/or automated titrations in parallel, essentially reducing the analysis time by up to 50%.

If… Then Decision Making

"If… Then" method functions ensure that the T9 can run complex workflows with decision trees, saving time when a human decision would be needed.

Solid Compliance

In regulated environments, LabX software provides full support for your compliance needs to 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

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Specifications- T90 Titrator

Specifications - T90 Titrator
Material Number(s) 51109013
Trade Name Titrator,Titration Excellence,51109013