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T50 Titrator - Discontinued Product

The first level of Excellence Everything you need for titration, in two versions.

The Titration Excellence line offers many advantages such as One Click Titration™, Plug & Play and method database. The T50 is the ideal entry-level model for the Titration Excellence line and offers much more than a simple titrator:

  • Terminal with brilliant Touch Screen
  • Expandable with dispensing burette drives
  • Comprehensive communication connections
  • Preconfigured system application packages

Discontinued since: Feb, 2016

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Replaced with: Titrator Excellence T5

Versatile titrator for all applications

Versatile titrator for all applications.The T5 Excellence titrator delivers full flexibility for both potentiometric and Karl Fischer applications. Expandable from 1 to 4 total burettes to grow with advanced needs. Supports InMotion automation for high throughput testing.

One Click User Interface

With the intuitive One Click touchscreen interface, customize home screens to run your workflows quickly and easily with a single tap on the screen.

Fully Flexible Automation

Compatible with powerful InMotion automation. Sample changing, complex titrations, cleaning steps and more run automatically, saving operators' time.

Solid Compliance

In regulated environments, LabX software provides full support for your compliance needs to 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

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Accessories - T50 Titrator


Dosing Unit for dosing and titration purposes with the Titration Excellence line

Material No.: 51109030

The external DV704 titration stand can be used for volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrations and for potentiometric titrations. The titration stand includes a magnetic stirrer and can be employed with all Excellence and Compact titrators from METTLER TOLEDO.

The DV704 can be optimally combined with the Solvent Manager to change solvent easily, safely, and without operator contact, for example for the Karl Fischer titration. All the usual titration accessories such as sensors, standard beakers or overhead stirrer can of course be directly utilized with the DV704 or with the external titration arm.

Material No.: 51109259

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