RC1e Process Safety Workstation - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

RC1e Process Safety Workstation - Discontinued Product

RC1e Process Safety Saves Lives and Money

  • Accurate thermodynamic information
  • Assessment of hazard potentials of chemical processes
  • Determination of safety runaway and critcality graphs
  • Evaluation of cooling failure scenarios

The RC1e Process Safety Workstation is a reaction calorimeter that ensures:

  • Thermodynamic and all complementary information are obtained quickly and easily during reaction calorimetry
  • All critical process safety parameters are determined reliably
  • Processes are tested under the safest working conditions possible during reaction calorimetry
  • Safety of commercial processes improve
  • Failures at scale are reduced

Thermostat and Reactor

  • Fast and accurate heating and cooling
  • Simple and reproducible Reaction Calorimetry
  • Intrinsically safe Reaction Calorimetry
  • Heat flow calorimetry for accurate thermodynamic data
  • Reactors for various volumes and pressures
  • Hardware and software optimized for hazard assessment
  • Operator has ideal protection against incidents

Variables and Control

  • Measurement and control of all process variables
  • Precise addition by weight or volume
  • pH measurement and control
  • Pressure control
  • PID control for special applications
  • Distillations and reactions under reflux with heat balancing
  • Seamless integration with any iC Software

iControl RC1 Software and Data Handling

  • Interactive process diagram
  • Direct and automated control
  • Reaction editor and chemistry table
  • Chemical database
  • Compelling data and trend display
  • Fast and easy data evaluation
  • Secure and traceable data storage

Discontinued since: Mar, 2018

Replaced with: RC1mx and HFCal

Development of safe processes at scale. RC1mx Reaction Calorimeter with HFCal option

Understand your process

Determine thermodynamic data quickly and precisely under isothermal or non-isothermal conditions

Heat Flow Calorimetry - Simply Reliable

Immune and robust against external influence, heat flow calorimetry accurately and precisely measures the evolution of heat under process conditions

Measuring the true heat of reaction

Measuring the "Complete" heat of reaction is the basis to understanding the progress of chemical reactions, their kinetics and hazard potential

Accessories - RC1e Process Safety Workstation

Accessories - RC1e Process Safety Workstation


A large portfolio of small, medium and large sized lab   reactors support your application across a large temperature   and pressure range. The vessels are made from glass or   metal. All our vessels are especially designed for heat flow   calorimetry. Optionally, the ambient and medium pressure   vessels are equipped with real time heat measurement.
Dosing Options
Sophisticated gravimetric and volume dosing solutions ensure accurate and timely addition of reagents
Pressure Options

Measure and control pressure precisely from 0 to 100 bar
Gas Uptake Set

Knowing the gas consumption is essential for reactions that use reactive gases. Manual or fully automated versions of the gas uptake set provide you with the necessary information online.
Reflux and distillation operation with and without calorimetry
Precise measurement of pH or turbidity with METTLER TOLEDO sensors
The Universal Control Box (UCB) connects with any METTLER TOLEDO and third party sensors and control devices that comes with a standard interface


Heat Flow
Determine precise thermodynamic data quickly for isothermal, isoperibolic or adiabatic experiments.  The embedded reactor models ensure robust and accuratedata also for non-isothermal experiments
Makes calorimetric calibrations faster and saves time with heat flow experiment
A leading edge technology providing heat flow data in real time without calibrations.  RTCal enables optimization of reactions online and to make process adjustments in real time


iControl RC1
The control and data evaluation software combines flexibility, ease-of-use, and sophistication while supporting the entire workflow in the chemical and process development lab.
iC Safety
An essential tool to assess thermal risks of a chemical reaction, iC Safety provides the commonly use "safety runaway" and "criticality" graphs.  iC Safety can be used by novices and advances users


Specifications- RC1e Process Safety Workstation

Specifications - RC1e Process Safety Workstation
Precision Heat Transfer Typically <± 1.5 %
Accuracy and Precision Specific Heat Typically <± 5 to 8%
Accuracy Heat Flow Isothermal conditions: ± 1 % to 2 %; Non-isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 8 %; Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc
Calorimetry Type Heat Flow
Material Number(s) 51162496
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