ParticleTrack G600L | Optimize Crystallization, Particle & Droplets

ParticleTrack G600L - Discontinued Product

Optimize Crystallization, Particle and Droplet Processes

Particle Track G600L with FBRM® technology can be used for sample analysis, mounted in small scale laboratory vessels (500ml - 10L) or inserted into a continuous pipeline for real-time monitoring. The pneumatic probe design of the ParticleTrack G600L is ideal for use in classified laboratory hoods.

FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) technology tracks the rate and degree of change to particles, particle structures and droplets as they actually exist in process – at full process concentration. Inline FBRM® measurements help chemists and engineers quickly link process variables to changes in particle dimension, shape and count, enabling faster optimization and scale-up of crystallization, particle and droplet processes.

With FBRM® Technology, users can:

  • Understand how the particle or droplet system responds to changing process parameters
  • Optimize particle or droplet distribution to improve process performance and product quality
  • Transfer the process to manufacturing and achieve batch repeatability and process safety

Discontinued since: Apr, 2016

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Replaced with: ParticleTrack G600B

Optimize Particle and Droplet Processes Inline

ParticleTrack G600B with FBRM technology is a versatile probe-based instrument that is inserted directly into laboratory reactors and certain production processes to track changing particle and droplet size and count in real time at full process concentrations. Particles, particle structures and droplets are monitored continuously, as experimental conditions vary, providing scientists with the evidence required to deliver consistent particles with the required attributes.

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Specifications- ParticleTrack G600L

Specifications - ParticleTrack G600L
Measurement Range
0.5 – 2000μm; 0.5 to 2000μm
Temperature Range (Base/Field Unit)
0 to 45°C; 0 to 45°C (standard)
Base Unit Description
Stainless 316, 4X, IP66
Base Unit Dimension (HxWxL)
500 mm x 419 mm x 206 mm
CE Approved, Class 1 Laser, NRTL Certified, CB Scheme Certified
Power Requirements
100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
For Use In
Laboratory: OptiMax or Larger
iC FBRM (Standard); iC Process for FBRM (Optional)
Scanning System
Scan Speeds
Chord Selection Method (CSM)
Primary (fines) AND Macro (coarse)
Probe Diameter
Probe Wetted Length
Probe Wetted Alloy
Standard Window Seals
Probe/Window Options
Electropolish; TM Window
Pressure Rating (Probe)
10barg (standard); up to 100barg (custom)
Temperature Rating (Probe)
-10 to 120°C (standard); -80 to 150°C (custom)
Conduit Length
15m (custom); 5m [16.4ft] (standard)
Air Requirements
Flow: 28.3 NL/min [1.0SCFM]; Scanner Requirements: Min. pressure: 4barg [60psig]
ParticleTrack Model
ParticleTrack G600L
Enclosure Description
Stainless Field Enclosure (4X, IP66)
Base/Field Unit Dimensions (NOT shipping dimensions)
Depth: 206mm [8.1in]; Height: 500mm [19.7in]; Width: 419mm [16.5in]
Material Number(s)