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ParticleTrack E25

Measure Real-Time Changes In Particle Size & Count

ParticleTrack E25 tracks the rate and degree of change to particles, droplets, and particle structures as they naturally exist in process, without the need for offline sampling.  Based on proven FBRM® technology, ParticleTrack E25 measures real-time changes in particle size and count. This enables faster optimization of product quality, formulation stability, and process performance whether measuring in beakers, pipelines, or vessels from laboratory to full-scale process environments. By inserting a probe into the sample or process, ParticleTrack E25 provides the ability to measure particles and droplets in situ eliminating measurement errors and variability caused by sampling and sample preparation required for offline measurements.

ParticleTrack E25 measures aqueous particle and droplet systems in the chemical, food, consumer products, biotechnology, and mining industries.   Common applications include:


Phased-out since: Apr, 2016

Replaced with: ParticleTrack G600B

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Specifications - ParticleTrack E25
Material Number(s) 14000018


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